Cookies and Similar Technologies

Yahoo7 may set or read cookies and device identifiers when you use our brands, websites, apps, advertising services, products, services or technologies (‘Services’) or visit a website, app or service that uses our Services. A cookie is a small piece of information that is stored on a computer or device and may contain a device identifier for the purpose of recognising your browser as you interact with websites. Device identifiers may be randomly generated or assembled from available system elements such as IP address, browser version, OS type and version, device type and settings, mobile device and advertising identifiers (such as Apple’s ID for advertising, Apple's ID for vendors, Google’s Android ID or Google's Play Store ad ID), wireless mobile subscriber ISDN numbers, Verizon Wireless UIDH, public switched telephone network information, mobile network information or software data. Cookies, device identifiers and similar technologies may be used to support Yahoo7 Services, such as applying user preferences, providing more customised experiences, such as personalised content and advertising, and to associate users, devices and accounts with each other or with those in a similar location, such as in a household. 

Yahoo7's practices regarding cookies and similar technologies

Yahoo7 may use cookies and similar technologies in combination with other information we maintain for a number of purposes, including to:

  • Access your information when you ‘sign in’ so we can provide you with customised content and experiences, or remember the last page you visited in a Yahoo7 Service. 
    • Information that Yahoo7 collects relating to your activities and interests is maintained by Yahoo7 and is associated with Yahoo7 cookies and similar technologies. You can learn more about Yahoo7’s data retention and storage practices here.
  • Maintain your settings and authenticate your identity while you are logged in using Yahoo7 Services. 
    • When you log in to your Yahoo7 account, a cookie and/or device identifier that links to information about your interests is placed or read on the computer or device that you are using. This allows Yahoo7 to associate your interests, activities, preferences and prior Yahoo7 use if you log in to your Yahoo7 account on or otherwise use multiple devices. This means that your browsing habits or other activity on your work computer, library computer or other device can inform your experience on Yahoo7 when using your home computer or other devices. 
  • Deliver advertisements and content relevant to your interests. 
    • Yahoo7 collects and maintains information about your interests based on your use of the Yahoo7 Services, other sites, apps and services within the Yahoo7 Network, as well as other non-Yahoo7 sites, apps and services that we partner with.  Yahoo7 may combine this information with other information we collect or receive about you.
  • Provide analytics and reporting. 
    • Yahoo7 Analytics, Advertising Insights and Flurry are systems used by Yahoo7 to collect information about visitors to Yahoo7's and our customers' sites, apps, products, brands and services to understand how people use those services and respond to the ads we serve.
  • Maintain information in both identifiable and de-identified forms. 
    • Yahoo7 associates your observed interests and activities with your Yahoo7 account, and may combine this information with other information we have collected about you.
    • Conduct research and measure effectiveness to improve Yahoo7's Services (including by determining which Yahoo7 emails you open and act upon).
  • To support security measures, such as requiring re-logging in to a Yahoo7 product or service after a certain amount of time has elapsed.
  • To assist in identifying possible fraudulent or abusive activities.

 Other companies' cookies on Yahoo7

  • In addition to Yahoo7 using cookies and similar technologies on our Services, we allow certain Third parties to set or access their cookies and similar technologies on your device. These companies’ use of cookies and similar technologies is subject to their own privacy policies, not the Yahoo7 Privacy Policy.

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