Anti-Spam Policy Terms

E-mails about Oath or Vendor’s products and services, shall:

  1. not contain a falsified sender domain name or falsified IP address;
  2. not be routed through servers that the sender does not have explicit authorization to use;
  3. not contain a false or misleading subject line that attempts to disguise the content of the email or contain any misleading / deceptive content in any form;
  4. shall contain language in the body, the “from” line, and the subject line that clearly announces that the offer embedded in the email is being sent by Vendor;
  5. contain valid and responsive contact information of the sender, list manager or list owner including Vendor’s physical address;
  6. be sent to individuals who have given Vendor their “Affirmative Consent” as defined in Sec. 3.1 of the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003;
  7. not be sent for the purpose of harvesting the e-mail addresses; and
  8. Allow the recipient to opt-out of receiving additional emails: (a) via a link to a landing page where the user can opt-out from receiving additional emails from Vendor or (b) clearly display a return electronic mail address, that will function for a period of at least sixty (60) days from sending for a recipient to request not to receive future e-mail messages from Vendor.
  9. Vendor shall process each opt-out request within five (5) business days or less of receipt.
  10. Unless otherwise directed by Oath, in writing, and approved before transmission, Vendor shall not send any email that uses: (i) a Username, (ii) an Oath Mark; or (iii) any information identifying Oath in the originating or return email address line, header or subject line of any email.

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